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Akif Eskalen

Akif Eskalen
Office: 951-827-3499
Fax: 951-827-4294
Fawcett Laboratory (#232), Riverside, CA 92521
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Email: akif.eskalen@ucr.edu www.eskalenlab.ucr.edu

Akif Eskalen

Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Plant Pathology & Associate Plant Pathologist
Fungal and Bacterial Diseases of Subtropical Crops

Project Scientist, Plant Pathology, UC Davis
Post Doctoral Fellow, Plant Pathology, UC Davis
Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of Cukurova, Adana
M.Sc. Plant Protection, University of Kahramanmaras
B.S. Field Crop, University of Cukurova, Adana

Biography & Research Interests

Research in my lab is applied and focuses on the identification and epidemiology of branch, trunk, and root pathogens of subtropical plants: avocado, citrus and landscape trees. My lab group identifies biotic and abiotic factors driving host/pathogen interactions to develop effective control strategies.  Currently I am studying on identification, biology and epidemiology and botanical host range of Fusarium Dieback pathogens associated with shot hole borer (Euwallacea sp.) in California.


Professional Travel Award-Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources: 2012, 2013

Offices -

  • Secretary-Treasurer, American Phytopathology Society-Pacific Division, 2012-13
  • Senior Editor_Disease Note Assigning Editor, Plant Disease 2012-Present 
  • Editor_ Citrograph, California Citrus Research Board



Peer Reviewed Journal Publications 

    1. Akgul, D.S., Savas, N.G., Teker, T., Keykubat, B., Mayorquin, J.S., Eskalen, A.,  2015. Fungal trunk pathogens of Sultana Seedless vineyards in Aegean region of Turkey. Phytopathologia Mediterranea. Vol. 54:2 p.380-393.
    2. Lynch, S.C.,  Zambino, P.J.,  Scott, T.A., Eskalen, A*.,  2014. Occurrence, incidence, and associations among fungal pathogens and Agrilus auroguttatus, and their roles in Quercus agrifolia decline in California. Forest Pathology. Vol.4:1, 62-74.  
    3. O'Donnell, K., Sink, S., Libeskind-Hadas, R., Hulcr, J., Kasson, M.T., Ploetz, R., Konkol, J.N., Ploetz, J.N., Carillo, D., Kampbell, A., Duncan, R., Liyanage, P., Eskalen, A., Na, F., Geiser, D.M., Bateman, C., Freeman, S., Mendel, Z., Sharon, M., Aoki, T., Cosse, A., Rooney, A.P. 2014. Discordant phylogenies suggest repeated host shifts in the Fusarium – Euwallacea ambrosia beetle mutualism. Fungal Genet. Biol.
    4. Freeman, S., Sharon, M., Maymon, M., Mendel, Z., Protasov, A., Aoki, T., Eskalen, A., O'Donnell, K. 2013.Fusarium euwallaceae sp. nov – a symbiotic fungus of Euwallacea sp., an invasive ambrosia beetle in Israel and California.Mycologia.105(6):1595-1606 
    5. Eskalen, A*., Stouthamer, R., Lynch, S.C., Rugman-Jones, P., Twizeyimana, M., Gonzalez, A., Thibault, T.  2013. Host Range of Fusarium Dieback and its Ambrosia Beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) Vector in Southern California. Plant Disease. In  97:7, 938-951
    6. Adesemoye, A.O., Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D.H., Twizeyimana, M., Lynch, S.C., Eskalen, A*.,  2013. Identification of species of Botryosphaeriaceae causing cankers in citrus in California. Plant Disease, 98:1, 55-61.
    7. Twizeyimana, M., Forster, H., McDonald, V., Wang, D.H., Adaskaveg, J.E., Eskalen, A*.,  2013. Identification and pathogenicity of fungal pathogens associated with stem-end rot of avocado in California. Plant Disease. 97:12, 1580-1584.
    8. Lynch, S.C., Zambino, P.J., Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D.H., Eskalen, A*.,  2013. Identification of New Fungal Pathogens of Coast Live Oak in California. Plant Disease. 97:8, 1025-1036.
    9. Kasson, M.T., O'Donnell, K*., Rooney, A.P., Sink, S., Ploetz, R., Ploetz, J.N., Konkol, J.N., Carillo, D., Freeman, S., Mendel, Z., Smith, J.E., Black, A., Hulcr, J., Bateman, C., Black, A.W., Campbell, P.R., Geering, A.D., Dann, E.K., Eskalen, A., Mohotti, K., Short, D.P., Aoki, T., Fenstermacher, K.A., Davis, D.D., Geiser, D.M. 2013. An inordinate fondness for Fusarium: Phylogenetic diversity of fusaria cultivated by ambrosia beetles in the genus Euwallacea on avocado and other plant hosts.Fungal Genetics and Biology. Vol. 56: p.147-157.
    10. Twizeyimam, M., McDonald, V., Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D.H., Na, F., Akgul, D.S., Eskalen, A*. 2013. Effect of Fungicide Applications on the Management of Avocado Branch Canker (Formerly Dothiorella Canker) in California. Plant Disease. 97:7, 897-902
    11. Eskalen, A*., Faber, B., Bianchi, M. 2013. Spore Trapping and Pathogenicity of Fungi in the Botryosphaeriaceae andDioporthaceae Associated with Avocado Branch Canker in California.  Plant Disease, 97:3, 329-332
    12. Lynch, S.C., Eskalen, A*., Zambino, P., Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D. 2013. Identification and pathogenicity of Botryosphaeriaceae Species Associated with Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) decline in southern California. Mycologia,105:1, 125-140
    13. Adesemoye, A.O., Mayorquin, J.S., Eskalen, A*. 2013. Neofusicoccum luteum as a pathogen on Tejocote (Crataegus mexicana). Phytopathologia Mediterranea. 52:123-129
    14. McDonald, V., Eskalen, A*. 2011. Botryosphaeriaceae Species Associated with Avocado Branch Cankers in California. Plant Disease, 95:11, 1465-1573
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    16. Eskalen, A., Feliciano, A. J., and Gubler, W. D*. 2007. Susceptibility of Grapevine Pruning Wounds and Symptom Development in Response to Infection of Phaeoacremonium aleophilum and Phaeomoniella chlamydospora. Plant Disease, 91:9, 1100-1104
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Extension Publications

    1. Aguiar, J.L., Eskalen, A. 2015. Leaf spots on spinach can be confusing. Vegetable West Grower & PCA. Vol. 19:9 p.16-17 
    2. Eskalen, A., Dimson, M., Kabashima, J., 2014. Recent findings on Polyphagous shot hole borer, Fusarium dieback- A pest-disease complex on avocado. Topics in Subtropics Newsletter. Vol.3, No.3 September-December 2014.
    3. Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D., Barcinas, J., Bender, G.S.,Eskalen, A*., 2013. Understanding citrus branch canker and dieback in the southern California desert regions (not just Hendersonula). Citrograph. 4:3:48-51

    4. Mayorquin, J.S., Wang, D., Barcinas, J., Bender, G.S.,Eskalen, A*., 2013. Understanding citrus branch canker and dieback in the southern California desert regions (not just Hendersonula). Citrograph. 4:3:48-51

    5. Hodel, D.R., Arakelian, G.,Eskalen, A*., Stouthamer, R. 2012. Fusarium dieback: A new and serious insect-vectored disease of landscape trees. Western Arborist. Fall 2012

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First Report Disease Notes

  1. Lynch, S.C., Wang, D.H., Mayorquin, J.S., Rugman-Jones, P.F., Stouthamer, R., Eskalen, A., 2014. First Report ofGeosmithia pallida causing foamy bark canker, a new disease on coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia), in association withPseudopityophthorus pubipennis (western oak bark beetle Coleoptera: Curculionidae:Scolytinae) in California. 
  2. Akgul, D.S., Savas, N.G., *Eskalen, A2013. First report of wood canker caused by Botryosphaeria obtusaB. dothidea,Diplodia seriata, Neofusicoccum parvum and Lasiodiplodia theobromae on grapevine in Turkey. Plant Disease. In Press.Plant Disease. 98:4:568.
  3. Rolshausen, P.E., Akgul, D.S., Perez, R., Eskalen, A., Gispert, C. 2013. First report of wood canker caused byNeoscytalidium dimidatum on grapevine in California. Plant Disease. 97:11:1511
  4. Bayoli, M.A., Halleen, F., Mostert, L., Eskalen, A. 2013. First report of Togninia minima perithecia on esca- and Petri-diseased grapevines in South AfricaPlant Disease. 97(9):1247.
  5. Mayorquin, J.S., Downer, A.J., Hodel, D.R., Liu, A., *Eskalen, A. 2012. First report of multiple species of the Botryosphaeriaceae causing bot canker disease of Indian Laurel-leaf fig in California. Plant Disease. 96(3):459.
  6. Eskalen, A*., Gonzalez, A., Wang, D.H., Twizeyimana, M. Mayorquin, J.S.Lynch, S.C. 2012. First report of a Fusarium sp. and its vector tea shot hole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus) causing Fusarium dieback on avocado in California. Plant Disease, 96:7, 1070

  7. Mayorquin, J.S., Eskalen, A*., Downer, A.J., Hodel, D.R., Liu, A. 2012. First report of multiple species of the Botryosphaericeae causing bot canker disease of indian Laurel-lef fig in California. Plant Disease, 96:3, 459

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  11. Lynch, S. C., Eskalen, A*., Zambino, P., Scott, T. 2010. First Report of Bot Canker Caused by Diplodia corticola on Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) in California. Plant Disease, 94:12, 1510

  12. McDonald, V., Lynch, S. C. Eskalen, A*. 2009. First Report of Neofusicoccum australe, N. luteum and N. parvum associated with avocado branch canker in California. Plant Disease, 93 (9) 967

  13. Rooney-Latham, S., Janosuek, C.N., Eskalen, A., Gubler, W. D*. 2008. First report of Aspergillus carbonarius causing sour rot of table grapes (Vitis vinifera) in California. Plant Disease, Plant Disease, 92:4, 651

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  16. Auger, J*., Esterio, M., Pérez, I., Gubler, W. D. and Eskalen, A. 2004. First Report of Phaeomoniella chlamydospora on Vitis vinfera and French American Hybrids in Chile. Plant Disease, 88: 11, 1285

Handouts & Bookmarks 

        Foamy Bark Canker of Coast Live Oak

        Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback)

        New beetle disease complex threatens trees

        Fusarium Dieback/Tea Shot Hole Borer (English&Spanish)

        Fusarium Dieback/Tea Shot Hole Borer (English)

        Fusarium Dieback/Tea Shot Hole Borer (Spanish)

        Citrus Dry Root Rot Disease

        Laurel Wilt Disease

        Citrus Phytophthora Root Rot Disease

        Avocado Trunk Canker Disease

        Avocado Root Rot Disease  

        Avocado Branch Canker Disease

Power Point Presentations  

       Enfermedad de la Marchitez del Laurel

       Laurel Wilt Disease_ A new threat to California avocado industry

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