Peter and Pamela Tsao Scholarship Award Winners 2020

Congratulations to this years Peter and Pamela Tsao Endowed Graduate Student Award Winners Amy Boyd (GGB Graduat Student), Nichole Ginnan (Plant Pathology Graduate Student, and Natasha Jackson (Microbiology Graduate Student).

This year this award was presented to 3 meritorious graduate students in the department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology  with a research focus on soil-borne diseases caused by fungi, or oomycetes. The prize consists of a cash award, a plaque, and a signed certificate. The 3 awards were presented instead of 1 due to the generosity of Drs. Peter and Pamela Tsao.

The awards were presented  on January 9th in conjunction with the Student Invited Lectureship in the Genomics auditorium followed by a reception in the Genomics Lobby. This year's Student Invited Speaker was Dr. Joseph Heitman from Duke University.

Photo from L to R: Dr. Pamela Tsao, Nichole Ginnan, Amy Boyd, Natasha Jackson, Dr. Peter Tsao

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