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A.L.N. Rao

A.L.N. Rao
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3259 Webber Hall
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Email: arao@ucr.edu

A.L.N. Rao

Professor of  Microbiology & Plant Pathology
Molecular biology of virus-host interactions: Replication and genome packaging in RNA viruses infecting plants and insects.

PhD Plant Pathology 1982 -- University of Adelaide, South Australia 
MSc Mycology and Plant Pathology 1976 -- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 
BSc(Ag) Agriculture -- Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University

Biography & Research Interests

A fundamental question in virology is how RNA viruses pathogenic to humans, animals and plants successfully replicate and package their genomes in to stable virions for subsequent dissemination to new hosts to cause a disease. Consequently, the major focus of research in my laboratory is to unravel the complexity of the host interactome regulating viral RNA replication in mechanistic detail by coupling genetic and proteomics approaches. To this end, we are using three viruses having single-strand, positive-sense RNA genomes as model systems. These are plant infecting Brome mosaic virus (BMV) and satellite RNA of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and Flock house virus (FHV) pathogenic to insects.  For more information on the current projects in the lab, please visit raolab.ucr.edu.




Professional services:


Editorial Board, Virology (2013-)

Academic Editor, PLoS ONE (2013-)

Senior Editor, Phytopathology (2006-2008)

Associate Editor, Journal of General Virology (1997-2002)

Co-Founder: Plant Virology Club under American Society for Virology

Chairman, Plant Virology Satellite Symposium (2002-2005)

Ad-Hoc Reviewer, National Institute of Health



  • Chaturvedi, S., and A. L. N. Rao (2018). Molecular and biological factors regulating the genome packaging in single-strand positive-sense tripartite RNA plant viruses. Current Opinion in Virology (In Press).


  • Chaturvedi, S., and A. L. N. Rao (2017). Riboproteomics: A versatile approach for the identification of host protein interaction network in plant pathogenic noncoding RNA. PLoS ONE 12 (10): e0186703. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal. pone.0186703.



  • Katsarou, K., Rao, A.L.N., Tsagris, M and Kalantidis, K. (2015). Infectious long non-coding RNAs. Biochimie 117: 37-47.
  • Sivanandam, V., Mathews, D and A.L.N. Rao (2015) Properties of Satellite tobacco mosaic virus phenotypes expressed in the presence and absence of helper virus. Virology 483: 163-173. 
  • Rao, A.L.N. and Kriton Kalantidis (2015) Virus-Associated Small Satellite RNAs and Viroids Display Similarities in their Replication Strategies. Virology 479-480C: 627-636.
  • Rao, A.L.N and Kao, C.C (2015) The Brome Mosaic Virus 3' Untranslated Sequence Regulates RNA Replication, Recombination, and Virion Assembly. Virus Research 206:46-52
  • Venkatesh Sivanandam, Erika Varady and A. L. N. Rao (2015) Heterologous replicase driven 3' end repair of Cucumber mosaic virus satellite RNA. Virology: 478: 18-26.





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