PLPA 250 Seminar-Sara Dorhmi & Daniel Chen

Sara and Daniel
Genomics Auditorium 1102A, UC Riverside

The Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology's weekly Plant Pathology 250 seminar series is presented this week by:

Sara Dorhmi

Seminar Title: “Host Induced Gene Silencing in Arabidopsis During Phytophthora Infection"

Biography: Sara is a second year PhD student in Dr. Wenbo Ma's lab. She earned her B.S. in Plant Biology from the University of Georgia. While at UGA Sara worked in Dr. Chang-Hyun Khang's lab on Magnaporthe oryzae studying plant-fungal interactions. She now works on Phytophthora effectors with RNA silencing suppression activity.


Daniel Chen 

Seminar Title: “New Applications of the Biofungicide Natamycin as a Treatment for Pre-Harvest Pathogens of Strawberry”

Biography: Daniel is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in Dr. James Adaskaveg's lab. His research is focused chemical management of post-harvest fungal pathogens of citrus, stone, and pome fruits, as well as pre-harvest fungal pathogens of strawberry. The majority of his work is centered on the utilization of the biofungicide, natamycin, as a pre- and post-harvest treatment for various pathogens of fruit crops.

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