Plant Pathology Graduate Program

Faculty Members

 J Adaskaveg

Jim Adaskaveg


Professor of Plant Pathology - Plant Pathologist, Mycologist, and Epidemiologist
Biology, epidemiology, and ecology of plant pathogenic fungi

Michael F. Allen

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate Division
Biology and ecology of microbial-plant-soil interactions

Emma L. Aronson

Assistant Professor
Soil microbial ecology and biogeochemistry
 Ole Becker

J. Ole Becker 

Cooperative Extension Specialist and Nematologist
Department of Nematology 


Katherine Borkovich

Chair; Professor of Plant Pathology & Fungal Cell Biologist/Biochemist
Fungal cell and molecular biology; functional genomics of fungi

James Borneman

Professor & Vice Chair
Microbial Ecology
Xuemei Chen

Xuemei Chen

Professor of Plant Biology, Cooperating Faculty Member in Microbiology and Plant Pathology
Plant Development; Small Regulatory RNAs


Michael D. Coffey


Professor of Plant Pathology & Plant Pathologist
Phytophthora systematics, genetics, and pathology
 Paul De Ley

Paul De Ley

Associate Professor and Associate Nematologist
Department of Nematology


Patrick Degnan

Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Bioinformatics,Computational Biology, Genomics, Microbial Ecology, Molecular Evolution, Regulation of Gene Expression, Human Gut Microbiomes

 adler dillman

Adler R. Dillman 

Assistant Professor of Parsitology
Department of Nematology


Shou-Wei Ding

Molecular Virology
 emma gachomo

Emma Gachomo

Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology and Assistant Plant Pathologist
 sydney glassman

Sydney I. Glassman 

Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Plant Pathology


 Rong Hai

Rong Hai

Assistant Professor of Virology
 Ansel Hsiao

Ansel Hsiao

Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Assistant Microbiologist


Hailing Jin

Professor & Molecular Geneticist, Cy Mouradick Endowed Chair

Gene regulation and signal transduction in plant immunity


Howard Judelson

Professor of Plant Pathology
Molecular biology and genomics of oomycetes, with an emphasis on the growth and pathogenesis of Phytophthora
 Isgouhi Kaloshian

Isgouhi Kaloshian

Professor of Nematology, Cooperating Faculty Member in Microbiology and Plant Pathology
Understanding how aphids and nematodes successfully colonize and reproduce on their host plants



Wenbo Ma

Professor of Plant Pathology and Plant Pathologist
Molecular Plant-Pathogen Interactions
 patricia manosalva

Patricia Manosalva

Assistant Professor & Director of the Avocado Rootstock Breeding Program- Plant Pathologist, Molecular Biologist and Biochemist
Molecular and genetic basis of plant immunity against oomycete pathogens with an emphasis on Phytophthora cinnamomi. Avocado Molecular-Assisted Breeding
juliet morrison

Juliet Morrison 

Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Plant Pathology



James Ng

Associate Professor and Associate Plant Pathologist
Plant Virology, virus-insect vector interactions
 antoon ploeg

Antoon T. Ploeg

Associate Nematologist and Associate Cooperative Extension Nematologist
Department of Nematology 
 alex putman

Alexander Putman

Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension and Assistant Plant Pathologist

A.L.N Rao

Professor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Molecular biology of virus-host interactions: Replication and genome packaging in RNA viruses infecting plants and insects.
Philip Roberts

Philip Roberts

Professor of Nematology, Cooperating Faculty Member in Microbiology and Plant Pathology
 Integrated management of plant parasitic nematodes.

 Caroline Roper

Caroline Roper

Associate Professor of Plant Pathology & Plant Pathologist
Molecular basis of the host/pathogen interactions of vector borne plant pathogenic bacteria
joel sachs

Joel Sachs 

Associate Professor, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Cooperating Faculty Member in Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Jason E. Stajich

Professor & Bioinformaticist
Evolutionary and population genomics of fungi

Georgios Vidalakis

Director of the Citrus Clonal Protection Program, Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension,  Professor in Plant Pathology & Plant Pathologist & Lecturer
Citrus viral diseases
 Andreas Westphal

Andreas Westphal

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Assistant Nematologist
Department of Nematology-Kearney Ag Center 

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